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Troubleshooting Real-Time Protection Problems on Windows 10

Real-Time Protection is a key part of TotalAV Antivirus. It quietly runs in the background monitoring all files coming onto the computer and all files running for virus-like behaviour. It basically stops a virus before it can even begin wreaking havoc. Real-Time is quite an intensive computer process because it is always running in the background. For that reason, some Windows users may experience a few teething problems getting it running fresh out of the box, and that is what this video is all about combating. For more information, see this support article: 0:00 Introduce to Real-Time Troubleshooting 0:24 The Problem Summarised 0:42 Removing other Real-Time Antivirus 2:12 Removing Intel Rapid Storage 3:39 Ensuring Windows Defender is Disabled 5:06 Restarting TotalAV Background Services 5:40 Locating the TotalAV Service 6:07 Changing the Service Startup Type 6:34 Changing the PC response if Real-Time Fails